Seif Haridi

Seif Haridi is the scientific leader of the Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL) at Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), and a Professor of computer systems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, school of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


Bjorn Hovstadius

Bjorn Hovstadius is a Business Development Manager with experience from working in both large international companies and entrepreneurial organizations. He is affiliated with the EIT Digital partner SICS Swedish ICT in the Stockholm node.


Jeffrey D. Ullman

Jeff Ullman is the Stanford W. Ascherman Professor of Computer Science (Emeritus). His interests include database theory, database integration, data mining, and education using the information infrastructure.


Volker Markl

Volker Markl is a Full Professor and Chair of the Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) group at the TU Berlin. He is also the director of the research group "Intelligent Analysis of Mass Data" at DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.


Divyakant Agrawal

Divyakant Agrawal is a Professor of computer science at University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB), and a visiting Research Scientist at Google. His research expertise is in the areas of distributed systems and databases.


Peter Pietzuch

Peter Pietzuch is an Associate Professor in the department of Computing at Imperial College London. He leads the Large-scale Distributed Systems group that does research on scalable software systems of any kind.


Matthias Grossglauser

Matthias Grossglauser is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer and Communication Sciences at EPFL. His research interests are in social and information networks, graph mining, privacy, mobile and wireless networking, and network traffic measurement and modeling.


Anders Holst

Anders Holst is an adjunct professor in applied computer science, specializing in neurally inspired machine learning, at the CSC school at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology. He will in parallel continue his work as a senior researcher at SICS.


Sameh El-Ansary

Sameh El-Ansary is an Assistant Professor of CIT at Nile University. He conducted research in collaborative development of ontologies, virtual machines for mobile devices and P2P systems with a focus on structured overlays.


Janne Järvinen

Janne Järvinen is the director and external R&D collaboration at F-Secure.


Cosmin Arad

Cosmin Arad is a senior software engineer at Google. His work focuses on the Cloud Dataflow service where he is the tech lead for auto-scaling compute resources and dynamic work rebalancing.


Ingmar Weber

Ingmar Weber is a senior scientist on social computing at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI). Before joining QCRI, he was a researcher at Yahoo! Research in Barcelona working in the area of web mining, analyzing large sets of user log data.


Paco Nathan

Paco Nathan is an O'Reilly author, and an advisor for Amplify Partners and GalvanizeU. He is a player/coach who has led innovative Data teams building large-scale apps for several years. Expertise in distributed systems, machine learning, functional programming, cloud computing.


Paris Carbone

Paris Carbone is a PhD student in distributed computing systems at KTH. His research is focused on abstractions, domain specific languages and architectures towards scalable, expressive and cost-effective distributed data stream processing.


Gyula Fora

Gyula Fora is a researcher at SICS, with a background in mathematics and computer science. He has experience with several distributed computing frameworks, with focus on real-time data stream processing.


Ufuk Celebi

Ufuk Celebi is the Co-Founder and software engineer at Data Artisans.


Maximilian Michels

Maximilian Michels is a software engineer at Data Artisans.


Anders Arpteg

Anders Arpteg is an analytics machine learning manager at Spotify.


Rickard Cöster

Rickard Cöster is a senior specialist data analytics at Ericsson.


Jean-Michel Gaullier

Jean-Michel Gaullier is the medical science liaison and scandinavian phase IV project manager at Novartis.


Johnny Warström

Johnny Warström is the CEO at Mentimeter.


Per Rundblom

Per Rundblom is the CTO and business developer at Karriärföretagen.


Marcello Grita

Marcello Grita is the founder of Skillable.


Daniel Langkilde

Daniel Langkilde is a machine learning engineer at Recorded Future.


Alex Jonsson

Alex Jonsson is the founder of Evothings AB.


Lukas Duczko

Lukas Duczko is the CEO at Scrive.