Sameh El-Ansary

Sameh El-Ansary is an Assistant Professor of CIT at Nile University. He conducted research in collaborative development of ontologies, virtual machines for mobile devices and P2P systems with a focus on structured overlays.


Amir H. Payberah

Amir H. Payberah is a senior researcher in the Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL) at Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS). His research interests include distributed systems, data intensive computing, data mining, gossip-based algorithms, and P2P systems.


Vasia Kalavri

Vasia Kalavri is a PhD student at KTH, Stockholm, and UCL, Belgium. She is doing research in distributed data processing and large-scale graph analysis. She is a committer and PMC member of Apache Flink and she mostly works on its graph processing library and API, Gelly.


Paris Carbone

Paris Carbone is a PhD student in distributed computing systems at KTH. His research is focused on abstractions, domain specific languages and architectures towards scalable, expressive and cost-effective distributed data stream processing.


Galena Kostoska

Galena Kostoska is the EIT Digital online I&E dissemination officer.


Marie Claire Maxwell

Marie Claire Maxwell is a senior consultant Cloudberry communications.


Maria Horelli-Rosenlew

Maria Horelli-Rosenlew is the founder of Rosebud Ventures AB.


Jenny Lindblad

Jenny Lindblad is the founder and CEO of ELIZA Communication.


Christer Norström

Christer Norström is the co-founder of WeMeMove company (a movement analysis company for sport in the cloud), and the CEO of SICS.


Henrik Abramowicz

Henrik Abramowicz is the action line leader digital infrastructure at EIT Digital.


Jacob Zätterström

Jacob Zätterström is the Sr. account executive nordics at Rimini street.


Boris Nordenström

Boris Nordenström is an advisory board member at SUP46 (Start-Up People of Sweden).